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Monday, January 17, 2011

Some good news for Haiti

Among all the horror and loss in Haiti this past year, scientists have made a small discovery that brings good news: the island's remaining natural ecosystem is showing signs of strength. As detailed in the above video, species long unaccounted for have been found, thanks to a recent and intense survey seeking clues about the country’s eco-health. Thank you Conservation International for the good work.

But if such a survey sounds odd, given the devastation and suffering occurring in the human population, remember that ecosystems provide food, clean water and help minimize disease. The more biodiversity, the better.

From a story reported in, Dr. Robin Moore notes the importance of finding so many more amphibians than they’d expected.
"Amphibians are what we call a species barometer of the health of our planet". The good health of forests is crucial to Haitian people, and the presence of these frogs is a positive indicator and an encouraging sign, since in Haiti, only 2% of original forest survives "We're at a point where we really must try of protect these forest fragments, to have something to build."
While the ecology of Haiti is doing its part to help human health, you can always do yours by donating to the Catholic Relief Services Haiti mission. For more information about this amazing find and what it means, or to help CI do its work, visit the Conservation International website. Oh, and as always, say a prayer or two.

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