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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lent’s Earth Hour

Tonight, the World Wildlife Federation’s Earth Hour campaign will roam across the planet as the sun sets over mile after mile of the globe. Earth Hour’s goal is for us to all come together and use less electricity, and so create less pollution for just an hour.

Are you doing it? A scan of the news shows that many of the big cities are making some attempt. Some aren’t. And it certainly isn’t getting the buzz of previous years.

I’ll be in a restaurant when Earth Hour comes and goes here on the East Coast of the USA. I’m not sure if shutting the lights off then will be a good idea.

Then again, I haven’t made up my mind if the campaign is worth the bandwidth that propagates it. It all seems rather intended to help urban dwellers say “look-at-me-I’m-a-good-environmentalist!” It comes across a little gimmicky.

But ... it does make people stop and think. That little moment of denial can help one do some mental arithmetic about other types of sacrifices, other reductions in resources. Do I really need this light on all night? Hmmm ... In a way, Earth Hour is a little like our Lenten sacrifices. Funny, it occurs during Lent, too.

Okay, I’m sold. Sign me up. I’m heading out in a few moments, and when I do ... lights out.

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