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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is it really Good Friday versus Earth Day?

Having just returned from the Mass of the Lord’s Supper—and visiting a few churches on the way home to spend time with the Lord in gardens of repose—I learned that the heavily Catholic island nation of the Philippines has moved Earth Day to better focus on heaven. With Good Friday and Earth Day coinciding this year, some Catholic Ecologists are wondering what to do.

As reported by AFP,
President Benigno Aquino ordered all Earth Day events be held on Monday because most Filipinos would prefer to commemorate Good Friday, a national holiday, his chief aide said on Wednesday.
As for me, I’ll focus solely on Good Friday, but I can’t separate Earth Day from my thoughts, because Salvation History is about all of creation. Any reader of this blog knows this. Still, I’d rather devote myself to observing the great sacrifice of the Creator than wonder how we humans can “save” the planet. Because without Him, we can do nothing.

And anyway, Good Friday comes once a year. Every day should be Earth Day, right? Every day, sure, except this Friday, when I’ll be doing my very best (as poor as that is) to to adhere to the day's fasting and abstinence expectations—which in itself is a good way to reduce my ecological footprint—as well as spending time adoring Christ and praising Him, for by His Holy Cross, He has redeemed the world.

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  1. Thank you for this insight. It is right and good to spend this day focusing on our Savior and how he saved us through his ultimate sacrifice. In our home we seek to protect the earth everyday, therefore we will NOT be using this day to focus on ourselves and how we can "save" HIS creation.
    Praise the LORD for his amazing Gift of Love.
    (Family in Snellville, Georgia USA)


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