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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Battle lines are drawn in Goa, India

News from India demonstrates how the Church relates ecological concerns and human dignity. The news is about concerns over damage being done by excessive mining in India’s smallest state of Goa.

From CathNewsIndia and the Times of India come stories about Fr Maverick Fernandes, the director of Council of Social Justice and Peace for the Church in Goa, India. From the CathNewsIndia story:

Excessive mining in Goa is proving to be a grave threat to the ecologically-sensitive Western Ghats, the church warned in its World Environment Day message June 4.

“Mining, deforestation and aggressive promotion of eco-tourism by the government was eating into Goa’s green cover,”said Father Maverick Fernandes in a statement.

“The contents of the proposed Goa State Forest Policy, 2011, require a serious overhaul as there are several fundamental issues,” he said.

“Goa’s forests are under attack due to iron and manganese ore minimg, indicating that among the greater threat to the entire Western Ghats is mining in Goa,” Fernandes said.
Notably, the Time of India quotes Fr. Fernandes’ words, who himself quotes John Paul II—all of which helps show the world how the Church views ecological protection:

"I would like to conclude in the words of the Blessed Pope John Paul II who asserted in his message for the World Day of Peace in 1990 that "the ecological crisis is a moral issue", said Fernandes.
God bless Fr. Fernandes in his efforts to protect the people and the eco-system of Goa. Keep him, and the people in his flock, in your prayers. And stay tuned for more as events unfold.

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  1. i own land in Goa but cannot plant because of my caste.
    I asked Fr Maverick for his help but he has refused to reply


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