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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The eighth anniversary

 "The complexity of the ecological question is evident to all. There are, however, certain underlying principles, which, while respecting the legitimate autonomy and the specific competence of those involved, can direct research towards adequate and lasting solutions. These principles are essential to the building of a peaceful society; no peaceful society can afford to neglect either respect for life or the fact that there is an integrity to creation."  Bl. John Paul II. 1990 Message for the World Day of Peace.
In this paragraph, John Paul II made the life-ecology-humanity connection that is summed up in his term "human ecology." These are concepts that Benedict XVI carried in full form and that Pope Francis will expand and exhort in his own way.

As we close this eighth anniversary of the death of Bl. John Paul II, there is very little that can be added to the reams that have been written and said about him, so I will not carry on. The video tribute below by YouTuber Penn BC will do that for me.

Suffice to say Catholic ecologists owe much to him, his work, and to the Holy Spirit, who gave us such a wise, loving, and powerful pontiff.

May Bl. John Paul II pray for us.

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