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Saturday, February 26, 2011

And the winner is?

General Electric (and other companies) has a scheme: Make technology look clean and glorious on television and we might overlook the price that every innovation brings.

While Catholic ecologists are ever wary of equating technology with salvation, it’s foolish to argue the good that science does. God gave us a mind to use. And use it we must to make things clean, tidy and healthy as we go about our business—remembering always our Holy Father’s words. “It is not science that redeems man; man is redeemed by love.” (Spe Salvi, section 26.)

Okay, back to GE. They do have some very, very creative commercials, and in the spirit of the American motion picture industry’s big award night this Sunday, here are my finalists for the category of Best Commercial From A Corporation Selling Eco-Technology To A World that Badly Needs It.

(Care to vote in the comment section?)

Number 1: The Line Dance


Number 2: Simple Harmony


Number 3: Dancing Elephant

And the winner is?

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