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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taking care of the temple and the womb

On this Feast of St. Blaise, let me share a saying my doctor uses often: “You need to take care of the temple.”

He’s a good man, very fit, an innovator in the medical profession, a sports doctor for a local college, and knows a thing or two about faith.

When I went for my physical the other day, and told him I wasn’t doing what I should be doing—hence my weight and blood pressure not quite being where it should—and when I told him all that I’d been too busy doing to eat right and exercise, he said his line: You’re not taking care of the temple!

Well, I’m trying now.

But this got me thinking. Is the way we take care of our body the same way we take care of the planet? Our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. And Earth is the womb of the human race. Are we giving both the respect they deserve? Or are we too busy--too distracted--to do tend well the created order.

For me, anyway, I could be spending more time to take care of the temple and the womb. And the funny thing is, when I do the former, it very often has an impact in helping the latter.

Okay, short blog today. Because I need to write for school and then get to the gym!

But first ... Saint Blaise, pray for us that we may not suffer from illnesses of the throat and pray that all who are suffering be healed by God's love. Amen!

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